Monday, May 21, 2012

Team Competition for the June 2nd XCO Race at MST!

As you know, we have a race coming up on June 2nd, The Moore's Springs Meltdown!  It's a straight up, old fashioned cross country race that will take folks on a super fast tour of our great trails.  To add some spice to the event we, along with local shops, Mock Orange Bikes, Cycletherapy and Clemmons Bicycle to bring you a team prize! Here's how it works.

We'll offer a $300 cash prize to the team that places the best 5 racers in the June 2nd race.  Best placed racers win(5pts for a win, 4pts for 2nd, 3pts for 3rd, etc...)  Ties will be broken by lowest overall time for top 5 racers.  Team's that get 8 or more racers signed up will receive a $5/racer discount.

So there you have it.  Grab your friends and get ready to win some great prizes and cash for your team!

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MoSpeed #2 Results – 5/8/2012

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