Monday, May 21, 2012

MST Spring Recap

It has been a very busy Spring here at MST World Headquarters, so we've been a bit remiss in keeping the blog up to date.  This post is intended to rectify that situation, so here we go.  Where to start?  2012 has been packed already.  First things first and the first thing for MST is Trails!  This year saw the beginning of trail construction on the North Side Trails.  This will be some of the best terrain we have to build on up here.

In addition to some great trail constructed on VERY STEEP slopes, we built a bridge, and not just any bridge.  All locust from within a few 100 yards of the trail.  All natural and long lasting goodness.  You'll have to come see it all to believe just how great the North Side will be.

The trail building of the winter all led up to our first big event at MST, The Doubleshot!  Part MTB race, part road race, this is a true one of a kind event that fits our location like a glove.  This event got lots of folks excited about the trails, the campground and the potential for more events.  Stay in touch with the autodrop guys here.

Right on the heels of the Doubleshot, was a visit from the IMBA Trail Care Crew of Morgan and Steve Lommele.  Part education, part advocacy, part hard work and all fun, the TCC visits bring up to date methods and stoke to trail builders across the globe.

The IMBA visit brought many new friends and admirers to MST, one of these was the talented photographer Mary Zugelder and her husband David from Gastonia.  Check out their slideshow at the link below.

One of the highlights of the TCC visit and their class presentation, was the opportunity for our presenting sponsor, Forsyth Medical Center, to directly participate in trail building at MST.  FMC is committed to community health in Stokes County and views the trails at MST as a great way to support and encourage new recreation and wellness facilities in the area.  Not only do they provide support to us, they also turned out in great numbers to learn about sustainable trail building and to get hands on with construction themselves.  Stay tuned for more trail builds featuring FMC at MST!

The first event of the 2012 Triad Training Series was held at MST on April 18th.  30 racers braved a cool and rainy Wednesday evening to heat it up on a new race circuit.  For this event, we left out the Major Tom loop from the course that the Doubleshot used and came away with a less climby and very fast 4 mile course.  It was great and folks are eager for the TTS's return to MST on June 27th.

All the excitement kicked up by the events was beginning to introduce more and more new fans to MST.  We had a wonderful visit with Chad Tucker in late April that resulted in Chad's super video linked below.  Chad is from Stokes County, growing up on grandparents farms just up the road from MST.  His love for the area and support for what we're doing at Moore's Springs is evident.

We barely had time to link to Chad's video, when up pops a really unique "first date" story by the Journal's Scott Sexton.  Scott, like Chad, is a local reporter and avid  mountain biker who gave us his on personal insight in a wonderful little review of MST for the 'Relish'  Scott's link is below and is not to be missed.

And through this, we continue to ride.  There is a lot of activity planned for the remainder of the Spring at MST.  We're still working hard on the 'North Side' trails in an attempt to have them ready for the Oct 6th Six Hr Race. We want to unveil a new, longer course for this endurance event.  

We have our first full fledged Cross Country race coming up in just a few weeks (June 2nd).  There is some exciting news about to come out about this event.  Stay tuned!

June 27th is the second of the Triad Training Races at MST.  Don't miss these Wednesday night sprint races.

Well there, you are now caught up with what has been a very busy Spring at MST.  We love what we're doing up here and we love to hear your thoughts, please get in touch with us here or on our facebook page.  Stay on the look out for Trail Build announcements, as we need your help and it is a great way for you to learn more about the trails, meet great folks and do something fun that promotes wellness and a better community.

Last but certainly not least, a big thanks to all our sponsors!  Forsyth Medical Center provides important funding to support our activities in an effort to help bring you better healthcare alternatives.  Cane Creek and DeFeet are world class bike industry companies, based in NC, that support local trails and provide great prizes for our events.  Krankies Coffee, and Foothills Brewing are downtown W-S hotspots that bring us great food and make our city a great place to live and hang out. Great Outdoor Provisions is another great supporter and W-S institution.

We also have support from local businesses like, the Danbury General Store, Germanton Vineyard and Winery and Sheets Gas Stations.

And much, much thanks to our local bike shops, Clemmons Bicycles, Mock Orange Bikes , Doc Wheelies and Cycletherapy for keeping out local bike community rolling along on great bikes with great service and support.  Please go see these folks and tell them MST sent you!  Thanks to all of you who work and volunteer to make this a great place.

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