Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Write those emails!

Encouraging news people, it sounds like our email campaign is having an effect!  Now it's time to go all in.  In bike racing terms, it looks like we've got a gap and now we've got TO MAKE IT STICK!

In addition to those emails coming to Dr. Stewart (marshall_stewart@ncsu.edu), now please also include the other email addresses below.  If you have already sent an email, then please forward that email to these other folks.  If you've not yet sent an email, then please do and include these gentlemen in your contacts.

The folks that also need to hear from you are Joe Zublena, head of Cooperative Extension (joe_zublena@ncsu.edu), Richard Linton, Dean of the NCSU College of Ag and Life Sciences (richard_linton@ncsu.edu) and W. Randolph Woodson, NCSU Chancellor (Chancellor@ncsu.edu). 

Again, please be polite to these hard working men, they simply need to know FROM YOU, how important Moore's Springs Trails and Moore's Springs Campground are to you and your quality of life.  Thanks them for the opportunity to continue to use this wonderful resource for the good of our community.

Thanks to you all for taking such great care and stewardship of these great places.  I'll keep you posted.  If you have any questions then please feel free to call me or contact me here.
-Tony McGee


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  2. What happened to this website? Dead? I've recently moved here and love MST.