Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Race Time!

"Come and get it y'all, I've been slaving over this for hours!"


Here is the link for early registration, and it's only $25 so register twice. :-)


*This will be a fairly straight forward XC race, with multiple laps on the 'Farmhouse' Side of MST.  Expect a short Prologue Lap, more details soon.


We're excited to welcome back many of our sponsors from last year and to extend a big welcome to Dario Restaurants as a new sponsor.  In keeping with our 'local is best', Dario rolls out some great food and a great environment for the family.  Go check them out after the racing in King and Stanleyville.

Also a big thanks to Cane Creek and DeFeet, two top tier NC bike industry leaders who make some of the best gear on the planet.

Of course, we would not be doing this without the support of great local bike shops like Cycletherapy, Mock Orange, Doc Wheelies and Clemmon's Bike Shop.  These guys are all friendly, willing to help US put on great races and happy to help YOU get a bike and keep it spinning.  Go give them your business!

Last, but certianly not least, thanks to Foothills Brewing, Krankies Coffee and Great Outdoor Provision Co. for their support and for their great local businesses.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call, leave a comment below or hit us up on facebook.

Thanks to all of you who help make Moore's Springs Trails great!

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  1. Just to check, is it still everyone starting at 10am?? Will there be a PRO/XC1 9-29 combined category or a separate XC1 19-29?? Thanks again!!