Thursday, December 6, 2012

We Need a Hand ~ Year End Trail Contributions!

2012 has been a year of amazing progress and improvement to Moore’s Springs Trails.  This time last year we were putting the finishing touches on the Original Loop.  In January, we moved to the Campground side of the road and now you have a new 2.5 mile segment there, bringing the mileage to almost 9 miles total, with hundreds of riders every month.  Over the past 3 years we have added a must ride destination to the Triad MTB scene.

All of this has happened because of a committed group of volunteers, race promoters, racers and trail builders.  Moore’s Springs is a great new resource for the mountain bike community and we’re proud of what we've all done together here.  A big thanks to all who make this happen.

We’re not finished!  We’ll slow the pace of new trail construction now, but we’ll be improving  older sections and begin to design new sections that include a Beginner Section and an exciting Expert Section, that will feature some of the most outrageous terrain at Moore’s Springs and the state.  These new sections will make Moore’s Springs an even more exciting place to ride and as always it will be free and open to the public.

To make all this happen we need your help.  Many of you have donated your time, others have donated your funds, many have come to our races and these dollars are very important.  There are still a large number of you out there, who support what we’re building, who ride the trails (some quite often) but don’t have the time or desire to volunteer.  Now is the time for you to show your support.

We've started a paypal account for your monetary donations.  These funds will be used to directly support the maintenance of the trails and the trailhead, to design and build new trails and to pay this year’s payment on the DitchWitch machine that we use to build the trails.  Our goal for this campaign is $3000 and this is easily reachable.  We have over 900 members on the facebook page  a few dollars from each of you will make our goal.  If you value the resource of MST, please take this time to support our hard work.


You may Paypal your contribution to:
Thank You for your support.