Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trail Build Day at MST ~Sunday December 11

 Trail Build Day at MST ~Sunday December 11 - 10a-2p

We'll use these...
To do this...

 So we can do this...

And then this.

 Is that cool or what?

Ready to Ride!  If you turn out to help us Sunday, we stand a great chance to complete yet another addition to the Original Loop.  Following on the footsteps of the "The Kessel Run" opening to rave reviews, we've moved on to another section of trail that will bring sweet new flow to some of the oldest parts of our trail.

Come out Sunday at 10am to help us finish what I am now calling 'The Volcano" (Below in Blue).

 Park at the Red House (The old Inn) or at the gate of Moore's Springs Campground.

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  1. Is it necessary to be a current cycler to help? I live on the other side of Moore's Wall off Rockhouse Rd. I'm disabled but hike extensively, have started relearning to bike around here (gonna be a while. Current best 400 feet, 30 degree grade lol!). I'm thrilled there is such an extensive trail system in the works so extremely close. I drive by there all the time.