Saturday, September 10, 2011

Quiz Time!

Here's another 'Name that Suffering Euro' quiz for you.  This one also harkens back to the days when the French ruled the roost, but this time it's Hinault dishing out the pain.

My question for you all is:  Who are the two riders suffering in his wake and what year and race is this?  Good Luck.

Post Script:
I did a little research.  This almost has to be Stage 13 to the Ballon d'Alsace.  Why you ask?

1979 was the first year that I ever saw the Tour, it was the first year MOST Americans had ever seen the Tour.  It was also the first year the there was drug testing for steroid use.  The first person to fail that test?  Our Polka Dot Jersey wearer Giovanni Battaglin, oh my!

As a result Gio was docked 10mins and lost the KOM.  Imagine that, all they did was dock him time and then allowed him to continue the race.  At any rate, crazy as that is, this seems to indicate that this was the last Mt stage he would have been in the spotty jersey.  


  1. 79 TdF. Zoetemelk is in Green. Not so sure about the Polka Dots?

  2. Giovanni Battagl in in dots, and yes I googled it:-)

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  4. Strong work guys!
    1979 TdF
    Joop and Gio on The Badger's wheel. I have no idee what stage this is.