Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Baux Mt Breakdown - report

Super ride last night!  Another record breaking group set out from RH at almost exactly 6:00, which is really good for us.  I hate to be a clock nazi, but with new folks coming out all the time and the days getting shorter, I feel a responsibility to roll on time.  Last night we almost made it, thanks.

Speaking of time, last night's ride was fast. Mostly big ring railing, the avg speed seemed to be around 19-20 mph, which is fast out here with the hills.  As the days get shorter, we're looking for rides we can get everyone safely back to RH before it gets too dark and having Edwards to escape to gives us options, as it is a much safer alternative to 65  from Germanton or 66 from King.

This ride was about as flat as I can make a loop out here.  I may have a few more options, but safe to say last night was the standard.  As it were, on the run back toward RH, some split off at Germanton to get in a few more hills, by going up Friendship to Payne/Edwards, while some  decided to skip a hill and run all the way back up 65. The rest of us powered on up 65 led by the newcomers.  All in all, a great evening out on the bike.

I have another flatish route that we may want to go for next week, longer than last night's but with only half the climbing.

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